Thursday, January 20

Tesla will manufacture its next generation of batteries in Europe


The long-awaited new Tesla batteries will be manufactured first at the new giant factory in Berlin, Elon Musk reported. If there is something they know how to control in Tesla, it is the speeches about its future. There is continuous talk about the upcoming news and great plans that they have in order to revolutionize the electric car market, although not all the announcements are made later. And one of the main avenues to do so is usually Elon Musk’s Twitter. If in the past Battery Day of the company the new batteries in which Tesla works and how they want them to be implemented in their vehicles in 2022 were announced, there were also many questions to be answered, such as what will be the steps that will be followed or where will they start working in them. Somehow, there is a feeling that Tesla can make the big leap with its next generation of batteries that they will make themselves, rather than buying them from other companies. This will mean a reduction in the price of the vehicles and greater independence, so they hope to boost the sales of their vehicles. Production of these batteries is expected in the second half of 2021 and, according to Musk on his Twitter account, the initial production site will be the Berlin factory. Berlin will use 4680 cell with structural battery pack & front & rear single piece castings. Also, a new paint system. Lot of new technology will happen in Berlin, which means significant production risk. Fremont & Shanghai will transition in ~ 2 years when new tech is proven. – Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 7, 2020 The production system will be so advanced that the Fremont and Shanghai gigafactories will still take at least two years to start producing, in his words. Implementing the same battery structure in the vehicle instead of adding them later will require significant innovation work. We will see if in a matter of a year this new version of its batteries definitively enters into production, but in an automobile sector that has been suffering both in recent years and in Germany, it is sure that they see with good eyes taking the lead with these advances.


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