Thursday, October 29

Tesla will debut a ‘bird’s eye view’ to park more easily

Tesla vehicles are about to release a new functionality that until now was only present in premium range cars: the bird’s eye view. What is it for? One of the strengths of Tesla cars is that they add new functionality with a simple software update. In most cases these extras are offered for free, but in others you have to buy a certain content package. This is what happens with the recently announced Bird’s Eye View on Tesla cars. Some premium-range vehicles have a bird’s eye view located one or two meters above the roof of the car, which is very useful for parking, or to get into narrow places. For this to be possible, the car needs to have several cameras that can focus on the entire vehicle. Tesla cars have the cameras, which Autopilot uses, but until now it didn’t offer a bird’s eye view. As usual in the company, instead of announcing the news in a press release or with a marketing video, Elon Musk has dropped it in passing in a tweet: “The bird’s-eye view of vector space will come in the Full Self- package. Driving “: Vector-space bird’s eye view coming with FSD – Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 3, 2020 There are several things in that tweet that should be clarified. The first is that it is a vector bird’s eye view. It is what is used in these cases because no car has a camera that flies one or two meters above the ceiling. What they do is use the cameras that the vehicle has to focus on all the angles of the car, and then an artificial intelligence software projects that information to obtain a bird’s eye view. Smart car speaker that Alexa brings to your vehicle. It offers you all the functions of the voice assistant and allows you to play streaming music and other content through the speakers. Tesla vehicles have 8 cameras around the car, to implement the Autopilot functions. And although, as Electrek explains, they have some blind spots, using good software it should be possible to get a quality bird’s eye view. However, this novelty is not going to be completely free. The software that activates the Autopilot is going to be included in the Full Self-Driving package, which has recently risen in price to $ 8,000. In a way, it seems logical that it be included in this pack, since it uses the Autopilot cameras, and in addition Tesla adds an extra to justify that price increase of the package a bit.

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