Thursday, January 20

Tesla wants to optimize its Sentinel mode with a live video stream on your smartphone


In the future, Tesla owners could access the vehicle’s security cameras live stream from their smartphones. A sort of improved Sentinel Mode, in short.

In December, Tesla should deploy a new major software update that will bring with it a whole lot of new features mentioned by Elon Musk over the 2020 vintage. Yet another feature recently highlighted by the hacker “greentheonly” could be invited to the party: improved Sentinel mode.

As a reminder, Sentinel mode is a security system based on the cameras and sensors of a Tesla vehicle. It allows 360 ° surveillance of its surroundings when a potential threat is detected in the absence of the driver, and even activates the alarm when said threat is considered too serious.

A live stream from your smartphone

In the event of an alarm triggered, the user receives a notification on his mobile application. It is then possible for him to consult the images recorded by the cameras, by downloading them from a USB key or a third-party storage medium initially installed and specially designed to keep the recorded content.

But the situation could change completely. According to “greentheonly” (relayed by Electrek), which is based on one of his countless finds unearthed in lines of code in Tesla software, users could in the future access remote and live cameras in their cars. And this without even the Sentinel mode being on alert.

The interested party also specifies that this feature had already been seen before, before being postponed by the American manufacturer. It could however be part of the “surprises” recently evoked by Elon Musk.

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