Tuesday, April 20

Tesla Semi in sight, Redmi Note 10 at the top and Samsung at the front

Tesla and Samsung have been in the spotlight this week. The first has reappeared its semi-trailer, the second has unveiled its new Galaxy A, but announced the probable end of its Galaxy Note. Xiaomi, for its part, continues to shed its devices from week to week. Back on a busy news.

The Tesla Semi repeats the end of its chassis

The future Tesla Semi trailer appears in a video shared by the American manufacturer. Could this be a sign that production is finally approaching? The first copies are in any case expected this year. And it is also the European Model Y which made a short appearance from the Gigafactory in Berlin.

Galaxy A52 released, abandoned Galaxy Note: Samsung on all fronts

Samsung is the first tech giant to voice concerns about chip shortages spreading beyond the auto industry. And the South Korean firm warns that it will be necessary to make choices in its products. The first victim will undoubtedly be the Galaxy Note on which Samsung seems not to rely too much. But we already knew this even before the flea problem …

In addition, the week was also good for Samsung which unveiled promising Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72, mid-range smartphones that have it all.

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Nvidia is putting pressure on Nintendo to improve the Switch

The Nintendo Switch uses an ARM SoC that is 6 years old, while its price has not changed since its marketing. According to an American media outlet, Nvidia would put pressure on its partner to change platform, deeming the Tegra X1 + too old.

The test of the week: the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10

It arrives at less than 200 euros and it promises to shake everything in its path. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 has arrived at the editorial office and we had the opportunity to put it to the test. It comes out handily for an entry-level model thanks to a very solid technical sheet.

the video of the week

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And also…

The other information of the week is also the one-month confinement decided for 16 departments. To find out how far you can walk the authorized limit of 10 km, we explain how to do it. And if you need a travel certificate, we explain everything to you as well.

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