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Tesla Model 3 at $ 35,000: a sweet utopia that vanishes again

If the Tesla Model 3 at 35,000 dollars was indeed available for purchase directly from a store of the brand, and not on the configurator, the disappearance of this price bracket for the 2021 range shows how Elon Musk struggles to keep his promise.

It was a long-standing promise from Tesla boss Elon Musk: to sell a Tesla Model 3 for $ 35,000. The American entrepreneur walked the talk on March 1, 2019, by adding such a version to its configurator … before it disappears the next month. France was initially supposed to take advantage of it six months later, but it did not materialize.

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However, to respect his word – at least in part -, the businessman had set up a little trick for consumers: go to a store of the brand, order a Standard Range Plus version ($ 38,000) , then get $ 3,000 off in exchange for less software features.

The combination for the year 2021 is over

For Tesla, withdrawing the Model 3 at $ 35,000 allowed it to simplify its production operations and therefore better optimize its costs, underlines the specialized site Electrek, which would like to remind you how difficult it was to get one at that price. No matter: all this would now only be ancient history.

Because according to a source close to the file cited by Electrek, Tesla would have informed its employees that they were no longer authorized to logically limit the Model 3 Standard Range Plus against a rebate of $ 3,000. In other words, the $ 35,000 version would drop out of the 2021 lineup altogether.

Technical and financial challenges

This parallel purchasing process was nonetheless quite strange, and did not benefit from much emphasis from Tesla, which largely preferred to favor its configurator. In the background, this choice shows how difficult it is for Tesla to offer an “affordable” Model 3 given the technical and financial challenges of the project.

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However, the Californian manufacturer has not said its last moment in terms of cheap electric vehicles: its teams are in fact preparing a trendy and autonomous car at 25,000 dollars, the schedule of which provides for a launch within three years.

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