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Tesla launches more affordable version sooner than expected

Initially expected for spring 2021, the Standard Range variant of the Tesla Model Y is already available on the American configurator. The opportunity to give us a clearer idea of ​​his abilities before his arrival in Europe.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla is ahead of its schedule for the Model Y. The Californian manufacturer was indeed counting on the spring of 2021 to launch the most affordable version – Standard Range – of its compact electric SUV, marketed since March 2020. Except that ‘Electrek noticed that the vehicle was already for sale on the American configurator.

The aforementioned media also specifies that delivery times vary between two and five weeks in Uncle Sam’s Country. Here, Tesla therefore has a small lead of several months compared to its original schedule. It is also an opportunity to take a look at the technical characteristics displayed, and to compare them with those announced in March 2019.

Faster, more enduring

For the Standard Range version of the Model Y, Tesla has clearly enhanced its technical sheet. In a year and a half, the manufacturer has had plenty of time to optimize its technologies to make its cars even faster and more durable. The machine thus benefits from a range of 392 kilometers (against 370 kilometers announced) and a top speed of 217 km / h (against 193 km / h at the time).

The same goes for its speed: the vehicle cuts down from 0 to 96 km / h in the space of 5.3 seconds, when Tesla was counting on 5.9 seconds a year and a half ago. So inevitably, Elon Musk and his teams have also revised its price upwards: the $ 39,000 recommended in March 2019 is now transformed into $ 41,990, without the seven-seat option billed at an additional $ 3,000.

What future price in France?

Neither France nor Europe are today affected by deliveries of the Model Y, which will only land on our roads once the Gigafactory 4 in Berlin is operational – next summer, but beware of delays. In France, the Model Y Standard Range should easily drop below 60,000 euros and snatch around 55,000 euros, according to our estimates.

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