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Tesla is expected to improve its range for the third time this year

The American manufacturer Tesla is once again increasing the range of its Tesla Model S “Long Range Plus”: 409 miles in total, or about 658 kilometers.

La Tesla Model S

La Tesla Model S // Gamesdone : Tesla

With the upcoming arrival of new electric sedans on the market, Tesla has only one goal in mind: to offer the most competitive Model S in the segment with an unrivaled quality / price ratio. To do this, the Californian manufacturer is making multiple software and hardware improvements, and does not hesitate to revise downward the price list for its range.

Always higher

In mid-October, the “Large Autonomy” and “Performance” versions thus saw their price drop by several thousand dollars. Before the first named falls below $ 70,000, in response to its rival Lucid Air, which had unveiled an entry-level version of its financially attractive model. A price war which has only just begun, and which invites itself alongside another war… that of figures relating to autonomy.

And in this little game, Tesla takes great pleasure in constantly improving the range of its vehicles. The Model S is once again affected by this strategy, reports Electrek, since the sedan should benefit from a range of 658 kilometers. The information comes from a Monroney sticker, which is required in the United States for new cars. And this new gap would especially exceed the 653 kilometers of the Lucid Air Touring.

A future price hike?

Is this improvement the result of a software or hardware improvement for the 2021 range? The mystery remains. But it is clear that it would be the third evolution of this type in a year, after that of February (373 to 390 miles) and June 2020 (390 to 400 miles). In the idea, the Model S “Grande Autonomie” would have gained about 60 kilometers in one year.

Another piece of information left out by Electrek also calls for attention. The cost of the vehicle displayed on the famous Monroney label: 72,120 dollars, an increase of 2,700 dollars compared to the current price. The price to pay to taste better autonomy and probably some new additional standalone features that should land in a major update sometime in December.

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