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Tesla deploys its 100% autonomous Autopilot in beta with “slowness and caution”

In a new post on Twitter, Tesla boss Elon Musk confirmed that his 100% autonomous driving system is currently in beta deployment.

A dream that is gradually becoming reality. And it is clear that the 100% autonomous driving projects led by Tesla are more and more concrete. In mid-August, Elon Musk even claimed that his FSD (Full Self Driving) system would be ready within six to ten weeks.

A slow and careful deployment

« I drive with the alpha version developed in my car. I hardly touch anything between home and work. It’s incredible, I don’t need to intervene despite construction sites and very diverse situations “, Assured the CEO of the Californian manufacturer who believed hard as iron in the reliability of its technology.

Level 5 autonomous driving, a dream that is slowly coming true for Elon Musk

Autonomous driving level 5, a dream that is slowly becoming reality for Elon Musk // Gamesdone: Bram Van Oost – Unsplash

Two months later, the American entrepreneur begins to walk the talk. In a new post on Twitter, he announced that his 100% autonomous device was starting to be deployed on electric Tesla. This is for a small group of users considered to be experts in the company’s anticipated program.

New 4D radar on approach

Above all, the implementation of said system is intended to be ” extremely slow and careful “, Wishes to reassure Elon Musk. According to Electrek, this new advance would allow the brand’s vehicles to make turns at intersections without any human intervention. All this in addition to being able to self-manage on the highway, stop at brake lights and red lights and read speed signs.

Otherwise, Tesla plans to integrate a new 4D radar from a much better range to further optimize the autonomous system of its cars. But remember that France is ultimately not affected by these issues, since driverless driving is quite simply not authorized in France. On the contrary from California.

It should also be noted that this new step forward will be used in the more or less near future for the Robotaxi fleets, a future car-sharing autonomous car service managed by the Tesla Network. Last year, Elon Musk hoped to see a million of them roll on the roads of the world: a utopian goal typical of the boss of SpaceX that could still achieve its ends in the coming years.

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