Tuesday, April 13

Tesla celebrates Christmas with new update

A new Tesla update begins to be rolled out by the American manufacturer. On the menu of the day, some new arcade games for entertainment, but also the possibility to customize your horn.


On November 18, 2020, Elon Musk cracked an endless Twitter message to tease the next major update – the V11 – of his Tesla electric vehicles, expected during the Christmas holidays. And after Electrek, an update named 2020.48.25 is currently deployed, although the new features do not seem to keep their promises compared to the imagined predictions.

Here it is difficult to say if this version 2020.48.25 really corresponds to the much hoped for V11. December 24th, Mr. Musk said : « Yeah, we just fix a few bugs“About the new version of software planned before the transition to the year 2021. So much for the context. Now let’s get down to business with the new functionalities implemented in the system.

Customize your horn

The “Boombox” mode is undoubtedly the funniest function: it allows you to customize your horn by choosing from a list of pre-recorded sounds. The user can even insert a USB key to add up to five tones, and choose which sound his Tesla produces in “Summon” mode. Playing the soundtrack of the arcade games you play through the external speakers is also possible.


Arcade games, in fact, welcome three new titles: The battle of Polytopia , Cat QuestandKabal, which provide an enhanced entertainment offer during recharging sessions, for example. The visualization of the conduct has for its part been optimized with an enlarged space which allows the driver to see more details on the road, while several quick access points (windshield wipers, reversing camera) have been replaced.

No 5G or aerial view to park

On the map of your central screen, the small red pins corresponding to a Supercharger now indicate the number of charging points available on each site. Practical, in the event of a full station. The new features of an update are grouped together on a single page with the list of each modification on which the driver can click to consult more details.

Referring to the media releases of the boss of SpaceX and the finds in Tesla’s source code, this update promised us, on paper, crispier features. The arrival of 5G had been mentioned in particular, as was native videoconferencing, attention monitoring and the famous bird’s eye view to help parking more easily. This is only a postponement.

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