Monday, January 25

Telegram will add paid features and ads (non-intrusive)

Pavel Durov has announced Telegram’s new business model for 2021. It will involve displaying premium ads and features, but the Russian IT specialist promises to do this properly.

Telegram app

Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp are far from the only instant messaging apps. We can also cite Signal or Telegram among the best known and most used in Europe. The latter will also change its economic model next year.

Maintenance that costs

Telegram is now approaching 500 million active users and that represents servers and bandwidth that are becoming difficult to neglect financially. If until now Pavel Durov (the creator of the application) paid this sum from his pocket, he announces that a new economic model will emerge.

In 2021, Telegram will therefore start to generate revenue, promising to do so in a “non intrusive “. Thus, some new paid features intended for companies and “powers usersWill be put in place. However, all the functions already present will remain free.

Advertising, but not for everyone

In addition, advertising will appear on instant messaging. However, she will not invite herself into personal conversations (two or more people). These ads will be visible only on public groups, some already displaying advertising through third-party platforms, sometimes intrusive. Pavel Durov wishes to limit this type of practice (advertising which takes the form of messages, etc.) by creating his own advertising platform which respects the privacy of users.

If Telegram becomes profitable, then the community will enjoy new profits. The artists creating the stickers will for example receive a share of the profits while the public groups will be entitled to free traffic in proportion to their size.

A tackle to WhatsApp

In his message, Pavel Durov explains that two solutions were available to him: integrate advertising or resell his application to a large group like WhatsApp did. However, he asserts that “the world needs Telegram to remain independent and a platform on which users are respected, with high quality of service assurance ».

New features arrive regularly on Telegram. The latest is very recent and offers synchronous voice chats, as Discord can do for example.

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