Tuesday, January 26

Telegram launches advanced searches so you can find any conversation or file

The latest Telegram update brings a lot of new features, including advanced search filters, the option to make group administrators anonymous and even the ability to comment on channels, among other things. When we have been using a messaging application for a long time, it becomes really difficult to find a specific file or conversation among the hundreds of chats that we have enabled, but now in Telegram it will be much easier. The latest Telegram update, which joins the recent one for profile videos, has included several features that have improved its use, including advanced search, anonymous administrators, comments in channels and various exclusive additions for Android users. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this new update is the inclusion of advanced search filters. From now on, each time we click on the search box, we can choose if what we are looking for is a conversation, a multimedia element, a link, any file, music and even voice messages. This will allow us to be much more exact in our searches, we are even enabled with the option of being able to search within a specific period of time, with which perhaps that link that a friend shared a few months ago, now it is more easily locatable. Another addition that group administrators will appreciate is the ability to become anonymous. Simply touch the “be anonymous” button in the administrator permissions to activate Batman mode. Once the administrator becomes anonymous, each time she writes in the conversation her messages signed with the name of the group will appear. Another addition is the comments on channels where Telegram has added a button to comment on the publications of those channels that have conversation groups. Additionally, exclusive for Android users, new animations, various themes and even a more detailed look at profile photos have been included. Finally Telegram continues with the inclusion of animating each of the existing emojis.

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