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TCL teases 17-inch tablet with concept similar to antique scroll

With its concept of a screen tablet that can be rolled up by the edges, TCL seems to want to resuscitate the volumen, this roller used in antiquity. To do this, the firm relies on a very modern technology: a flexible OLED screen.

It's a weird antique-sounding concept that TCL unveiled during its CES 2021 conference

It’s a weird old-sounding concept that TCL unveiled during its CES 2021 conference // Gamesdone: TCL via Engadget

TCL yesterday broadcast live its conference for CES 2021. The opportunity for the Chinese giant, better and better positioned on the television market in the West, to present some intriguing projects. Among them, a decidedly atypical device, based on a printed 17-inch OLED screen … scrollable.

In a short presentation clip of about twenty seconds (from 14:30 min of the video below), TCL presents its strange product. We discover a “tablet” whose screen is completely rolled up in two handles. Separating them from each other therefore makes it possible to unroll a flexible OLED panel, more or less in the same way as one would use a roll.

A product … which is only a simple concept for the time being

At their CES talk, TCL showcased their device in a hiking context, where the roll-up tablet is taken out of a backpack by the user to display a map. The opportunity to see that the images displayed on the screen are above all there for illustration purposes: they do not represent the final interface that one would find in a product ready to be marketed. The drop-down tablet presented by TCL is therefore above all a concept at the time of writing. Understand that there is little chance that this type of product will hit the market anytime soon.

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Either way, TCL assures that its printed OLED display is capable of rendering a 100% color gamut. If its technology is functional, it could be used by the brand in other forms, for a variety of products ranging from televisions to display panels. The manufacturer also seems self-confident by indicating that the marketing of roll-up screen devices, like its tablet, is only a matter of time.

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