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TCL announces its Mini LED TV

The Chinese manufacturer has been maintaining the buzz for years around these QLED LCD TVs using Mini LED backlighting. This year, with record growth in Europe, TCL seems to decide to serve Europe with these models. A first range of 4K 120Hz QLED Mini LED TVs could therefore be offered to us under the reference C825. No price or availability are yet announced, but TCL promises us: they will be better than the others …

For this first official opening day of CES, the conferences held by the TV manufacturers followed one another. Riding on the beneficial effects of containment for the television market, TCL immediately posted its results for the first three quarters of 2020.

TCL sales increase significantly worldwide

TCL sales increase significantly worldwide

The data communicated by TCL should of course be taken with a grain of salt. By segmenting product categories (by size, by technology or even by price range), we can make numbers say a lot. Especially since we can also imagine that TCL also includes sales of its other brand, Thomson.

Nevertheless the Chinese group, which claims to be world number 2 would occupy the third step on the sales podium in France, behind Samsung and LG, but ahead of giants like Sony, Philips and Panasonic. Growth (announced) of more than 96% in Europe, year after year, most beneficial for its credibility, which it will need to establish itself in a market which should be buzzing in 2021, that of Mini LED LCD televisions.

TCL OD Zero Mini-LED, the first Mini LED for Europe?

On multiple occasions since 2018, the manufacturer has maintained the buzz around its televisions using Mini LED technology. The most recent presentations date from CES in January 2020 with the Vidrian, an 8K mini LED LCD television, then later in the year with the presentation of the Series 6 wanting to democratize the 4K 120 Hz models equipped with this techno. The catch, they were reserved for the North American market. The situation could change with the announcement of the TCL OZ Zero Mini-LED.

Not much is yet known about these TVs other than that they will use thousands of mini LEDs to produce powerful and, above all, pin-point brightness. However, TCL does not indicate the number of zones that will be used to control the backlight. In any case, on paper, the mini LED has everything it takes to achieve control of contrasts and, therefore, produce the most intense blacks possible for LCD technology.

The extended color coverage as well as the uniformity of the backlighting or the viewing angles are three other advantages of this technology, but that’s not all. These diodes also take up less space in the chassis, making it possible to create thinner televisions. In this regard, TCL even indicates that the space between the QLED LCD panel (which is more!) And the mini LEDs, is 0 mm. This explains the name of this range / techno TCL OD Zero Mini-LED. For comparison, according to TCL, this same space should be around 10 to 25mm for a conventional LCD or QLED LCD techno.

A specificity that allows Tiago Abreu, head of the X-Lab department of TCL Industrial Design Center, to declare that TCL has the finest mini LED technology (Samsung uses diffusers on NEO QLED techno which would not be the case here) doing TCL ” a pioneer of Mini LED techno ”.

4K mini-LED models will carry the reference C825

4K mini-LED models will carry the reference C825

No price or availability date has yet been announced for these new televisions with OD Zero Mini-LED technology. However, we can read in the above capture that the first QLED 4K Mini-LED models will carry the reference C825. We can also see that they will be 4K @ 120Hz compatible and there is even mention of a “Game Master” label. We can not wait to know more, because TCL has always wanted to democratize the cost of these televisions that we imagine much more efficient than conventional QLED LCD models.

2021 TVs will be compatible with Google TV.

2021 TVs will be compatible with Google TV.

Finally, like Sony, TCL will be one of the first manufacturers to offer the new Google TV interface. Remember that this OS has changed considerably compared to Android TV since it no longer focuses on highlighting content by applications, but rather on content by universe. The top bar now allows you to search for programs, but also to browse live TV channels, movies, series or apps. Each universe then groups together the suggestions of its different services: Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, etc. You will therefore no longer need to open these applications to then go to the correct section. This should make our life easier.

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