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Boss Fight Enabled – World of Tanks Blitz brings a new action RPG-like game mode

It's time for new adventures in World of Tanks Blitz. Famed for a variety of special modes and legendary events loved by commanders around the world, the game now invites hobbyist tankers to the latest exciting mode - and it comes with a twist: the Bosskampf-Modus. This mode will be available twice, from February 3rd to 6th and from February 10th to 13th. Players can expect exciting 7v7 battles in which team members are assigned random roles with special abilities and one player on each team becomes the boss. Compared to the base stats of the respective tank, the boss gets 30% to the damage dealt and speed, 50% faster reload time and quadruple health points. In addition, the bosses can shove the enemies with their blast wave, and they can deal damage to multiple vehicles in a row wi...
Games, Latest Posts

Battlefield 2042 launches zombie mode and must disable it directly

Battlefield 2042's Portal mode has created a very cool Zombie mode. But that only lasted a very, very short time. And behind it all, there is a bigger problem. If you've ever said on a date, family reunion, or business dinner (Hentai is art), you know that feeling: that feeling that you should have taken the other exit on your last mental fork. Battlefield 2042, too, can sing a song about this kind of mistake – recently for example with its new zombie mode, which had to be taken offline immediately after release. And the reason for that is a much bigger issue that has plagued the game since its release.what zombie mode Battlefield 2042's Portal mode not only contains community creations, but also DICE-created modes and playlists. One of them was devoted to the undead: Zombie Su...