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Tab groups will make your life easier


During WWDC 2021, Apple presented a bunch of new features for its browser. Safari now integrates tab groups, web extensions on iOS and iPadOs and takes advantage of the Cloud.

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During WWDC 2021, Apple introduced various enhancements for Safari that were all aimed at decreasing the number of on-screen distractions and freeing up space.

First, the design of the toolbar. All the tools have been gathered in one place, in a button representing three small dots located to the right of the search bar. Right next to it, there is the shortcut “reading mode” which offers a light version of the page. The tabs have also been lightened and placed to the right of the search bar.

Tab pane

But the biggest addition that Apple presents to its browser is the introduction of tab groups. These work a bit like a favorites pane found on the left of the browser. You can organize your tabs there to store them in various categories such as “work, travel, restaurant, etc.” “. Once the shutter to sort them closed, we take advantage of a fairly ventilated browser.

The idea behind groups of tabs, already experienced by Google Chrome, is that you will probably no longer need to open 10 tabs at a time. We can organize them by group and by interest. A clever shortcut game will allow you to jump from one group of tabs to another. Let’s say that we are exploring pages related to work and that we want to switch to one of our passions, such as music, all we have to do is click on a group of tabs created beforehand, and the work tabs will take care of itself, to make room for the music tabs.

The cloud on three OS

In order to save a bunch of tabs at once, a new button allows you to create a new group of tabs to store them all with a single click.

And thanks to advancements in the cloud, all of these tab groups can be found on all Apple devices. On iOS, specific shortcuts in the form of swipe have been added to manage tabs. A new home screen is also available on iOS to better manage synchronization with other devices.

Web extensions are expanding

Another nice aesthetic detail: when you change tabs, the entire interface adopts the colors of the page visited in a game of transparency. This gives the impression that the browser is part of the visited page.

Finally, the latest addition to Safari: web extensions are coming to iPadOS and iOS. It doesn’t sound like much, but it can dramatically transform the user experience on these OS.


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