Thursday, January 20

Sweep your home effortlessly with the Lidl electric broom


Tired of sweeping with the conventional brush? Save time and effort when cleaning the floor of your house with the rechargeable electric broom that Lidl has just launched. Thanks to technology, these days housework is much more comfortable and simple. When it comes to cleaning the floors, we have at our disposal various devices that simplify the work, helping us save time and effort. To the conventional sled-type vacuum cleaner we must add the robot vacuum cleaner, which in recent times has gained great popularity, and also the upright vacuum cleaner, whose use is also spreading in homes. The problem with these appliances is that, although there are cheap models available in the market, their price can exceed the budget of many users. If you do not want to spend a lot of money but would like to benefit from extra help to clean the floor of your house, an interesting alternative is electric brooms. These appliances are equipped with a rotating brush to capture dirt optimally, and they are much cheaper than vacuum cleaners. Lidl has just put the SilverCrest electric broom on sale, and you can buy it in its online bazaar for 24.99 euros. Having a robot that cleans the floor of your house while you are at work or college is wonderful. The robot vacuum cleaner has become an essential element in any home, and in this guide you will find everything you need to decide on the purchase of yours. The Lidl electric broom is perfect for easily sweeping away dust particles and any other type of dirt on different surfaces, such as wooden floors, stone floors or carpets. It features a rotating brush with a working surface of about 230mm, which has soft plastic fences to respect sleep. The waste is stored in its dust bin, which has a capacity of about 700 ml. It removes easily, so you can easily empty it once you have finished sweeping. The handle is 112 cm long and can be snapped into a vertical position to rest and leave the appliance standing. The Lidl electric broom has a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2,200 mAh, enough to offer autonomy to clean up to 70 square meters or sweep for 70 minutes. Are you a fan of SilverCrest devices? If the answer is yes, you would surely like to know who makes the Lidl appliances. If you want to take a look at other models or have sold out the units in Lidl, take note of other electric brooms for sale in Amazon Spain:


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