Saturday, September 25

Surprise! The PS3 is always updated


It’s not just the PS4 and PS5 that are entitled to their updates. PlayStation does not forget the millions of PlayStation 3 consoles that have found buyers. The Japanese firm has deployed version 4.88 of its firmware for the latest resistant in the range.

After having given up on closing its PS Store PS3 and PS Vita, Sony is once again making a gesture towards the last of the mohicans who still play on PlayStation 3. The Japanese manufacturer has just deployed by surprise update 4.88, spotted the site Gameblog.

New products for the nostalgic

Aware of the fact that there are still millions of players who have not swapped their PS3 for a PS4 or even now a PS5, Sony is making improvements in security, ergonomics, stability and additional features such as Blu-ray support. ray newer, we promise without giving more details.

PlayStation therefore obviously does not have the attention to abandon a still significant part of its players, even if many games no longer benefit from updates. But there are still a few that are still very popular like GTA San Andreas or Resident Evil 5, and make some Youtubers happy. The most nostalgic have kept their PS3 for its now retrogaming side, while waiting for the then flagship titles to be available on PlayStation Now for example.


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