Thursday, January 28

Super Nintendo World will open on February 4, 2021, in Japan

Super Nintendo World, the company’s highly anticipated video game-inspired theme park will open its doors on February 4 in Osaka, Japan. The opening date has been very well received, since according to Universal Studios and Nintendo, this date was originally going to be in spring 2021.

To give people their long teeth, Universal Studios Japan has released a preview of one of the most anticipated attractions on Super Nintendo World, the Mario Kart roller coaster. It takes place inside Bowser’s castle, and uses AR and projection mapping technology, each passenger wearing an AR helmet shaped like Mario’s cap. Although the attraction is on rails, each car has its own steering wheel and the AR will allow visitors to compete against each other. To get a head start, visitors can collect virtual coins via a wristband while strolling through the park with a Nintendo Switch.

According to the PR, “During the race, users can throw the swords they get from the item box to repel enemies, and they will compete for first place with Mario and Princess Peach to advance on the circuit. The experience changes with each trip and it seems that there will be a great element of luck when it comes to winning or losing.

Super Nintendo World will continue under construction, adding new areas

Users have not been able to avoid noticing that the Super Nintendo World park seems a little small, especially considering that it will receive thousands of visitors in the middle of a pandemic. However, it will eventually expand through a new area of ​​Donkey Kong that is already under construction. Universal Studio Japan has also promised hygiene improvement measures, to be created in collaboration with health officials, and plans to operate at half capacity. Of course, all of these plans could change depending on how the pandemic progresses, considering that Osaka has become a COVID-19 hot spot in recent weeks.

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