Tuesday, October 19

subscriptions are postponed to June


After launching it with iOS 14.6, Apple finally decided to delay the launch of paid subscription podcasts. The app was however updated last week, but the company prefers to make some adjustments before promoting the new option.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts // Gamesdone : Apple

Barely announced, already pushed back. The paid subscription to Apple Podcasts will finally see the light of day in June. The California-based company announced it to its podcasters via email on Friday.

The introduction of content subscriptions was to accompany the arrival of iOS 14.6 in particular, after having renewed the platform the previous month. ” To ensure the best possible experience for creators and listeners, Apple Podcast subscriptions and channels will now launch in June. », Explains the brand with the apple in the email sent and whose site 9to5Macwas able to take notice.

Problems with putting podcasts online

Apple hopes to take advantage of the additional time to make some changes to the Podcasts application and in particular to Apple Podcasts Connects, the management and uploading tool for content creators.

L’application Podcasts

L’application Podcasts // Gamesdone : Apple

Since April, the podcast library has been experiencing some issues of slowness and updates for listeners. For creators, this results in delayed availability of their podcast. The subscription service must allow them to charge for bonus content, special episodes or to offer podcasts without advertising.

“We also heard from listeners and made adjustments based on their feedback on iOS 14.6, released on Monday. We will be making additional improvements to the library in the coming weeks.“, Recognizes Apple which was obviously cooled by the reception of the new services of the app. Just like the arrival of Apple Musiclossless, everything seems destined to see the light of day around the WWDC developer conference which begins on June 7th.


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