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Stunning 110-inch 4K microLED TV arrives in early 2021

Samsung unveiled a 110-inch microLED TV on Thursday. It is designed with new technology and embeds more than 8 million RGB LED chips to guarantee 4K resolution.

Samsung continues to innovate on the TV side. This Thursday, the South Korean giant unveiled a 110-inch screen (about 280 cm diagonal). More than its size, it is its technology that interests: it is the first television with its microLED display technology. The brand had already demonstrated this at CES 2020.

More beautiful, more economical and more enduring

The promises of microLED are multiple. Above all, he wants to offer an alternative to the expensive Oled, with the same requirements in terms of image quality, color rendering and resolution, and also energy savings. The 110-inch screen features over 8 million micrometer-sized RGB LED chips. They light up individually to produce light and color.

This process thus eliminates backlighting and color filters while offering a higher brightness peak than that of Oled. Unlike the latter, microLEDs are non-organic and therefore more resistant over time. Samsung announces a maximum lifespan of 100,000 hours, “or more than a decade”.

The 110-inch Samsung MicroLED TV screen

The 110-inch Samsung MicroLED TV screen // Gamesdone: Samsung

The microLED 110 ″ TV is also equipped with a new powerful Micro AI processor which is able to manage and render 4K HDR content without loss of resolution or image quality. Everything is presented in a sublime and immersive borderless design, with a screen-to-bezel ratio of… 99.99%!

A large immersive screen that can be split into four

In recent years, Samsung had presented The Wall, an impressive and imposing microLED screen intended for the professional environment. Composed of several panels, it offered a sublime slab configurable according to its needs, but necessarily in large size. For the first time, the Asian group has managed to reduce the size of its microLED screen in order to launch it on a consumer market.

The Samsung MicroLED 110 ″ also responds to a desire of consumers to turn to larger and larger screens. Realizing that this diagonal is really large, the TV can even be split into four smaller individual 55-inch screens thanks to the function Multi View. In particular, this will allow up to four external sources of different content to be connected.

The 110-inch Samsung MicroLED TV screen

The 110-inch Samsung MicroLED TV screen // Gamesdone: Samsung

And to top it off, the MicroLED 110 ″ includes the Majestic 5.1 sound system without an external speaker. With the function Object Tracking Sound Pro, the TV’s AI identifies a moving object on the screen and sound follows its action.

The model will be available in the first quarter of 2021 in South Korea for a handsome sum of 170 million won, which equates to more than 129,100 euros before tax. No date or price has been communicated for France, but we can hope for more information on this subject at CES 2021.

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