Wednesday, June 23

Start next-gen gaming the right way with Seagate Game Drives

The next-gen of gaming consoles are here and promise the best in gaming but storage issues remain. Boost your console’s storage capacity and take your games with you with Seagate Game Drives.

With next-gen consoles upon us, those who’ve been lucky enough to snag the latest gaming console will be looking for the best way to bring their last-gen games with them. While everything sounds incredible about these new consoles, there is one area where they will need some help.

Both the new PlayStation and Xbox pack high-speed internal storage but with surprisingly small amounts of usable capacity. With new games crossing the 100GB mark, you’ll definitely want to find a cheap and efficient way to boost storage capacity without having to delete and download your games over and over.

Seaget Game Drive

(Image credit: Seagate)

The Seagate Game Drives for Xbox and PlayStation will do just the trick. These drives are available in varying prices and capacities. The Game Drives plug conveniently to the external ports on both of these next-gen consoles. Just pick one, transfer games from your old or next-gen console and you’ll be able to carry your game library with you anywhere.

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