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Stadia and YouTube finally linked by a simple button

Stadia is finally launching its live streaming service on YouTube. Something to make life easier for streamers who don’t have a big setup.

When it was launched, Google Stadia was full of promise and intended to revolutionize the world of video games. A year later, it must be admitted that the results have not lived up to expectations, even though a turn on the service still impresses with the stability of the signal, even with a poorly performing connection.

After State Share to join a friend’s game with one click, and Crowd Choice for an audience to influence a streamer’s game by voting, Stadia begins rolling out a new feature initially promised: direct streaming to YouTube in a few clicks.

Why go through third-party software like OBS or xSplit when your game is played directly in the cloud, on servers close to YouTube’s? This function grayed out with us and indicated as ” next available»Begins to arrive at some subscribers of the service, as is the case with one of the editors of 9to5Google .

Stadia live streaming on YouTube is coming

Direct streaming of Stadia on YouTube is coming “soon” // Gamesdone: Frandroid

The specialized site nevertheless specifies several interesting points. The first is that this feature is only available on the web appand not on the app or on Chromecast.

The second is that when launching the stream, the user is asked to name their content and choose the captured audio stream (game sound and / or your voice and / or chat group voices). ). It is not specified however if Google has put in place tools to avoid facing DMCA requests for copyrighted music used in the game, and there is nothing to add a camera, which, let’s face it , is still a shame for streaming.

According toThe Verge, quoting a representative from Google, all Stadia users will be able to take advantage of this feature as of today, December 8, 2020. At the moment, this stream is not yet available to Frandroid editorial staff subscribing to the service. cloud gaming.

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