Wednesday, October 21

Spotify will allow you to search songs by their lyrics to find that chorus that does not go out of your head

Sometimes the titles of the songs do not come to mind, but a simple verse or a word does. Spotify will help you search songs by the lyrics of each song, in addition to the name and author. You wake up with humming a song, it doesn’t go out of your head, it’s driving you crazy and you don’t know what song it is or when you heard it. This has happened to all of us on more than one occasion, they are jokes that our brains play and there is only one way to stop it, listening to the song again. The problem is looking for a song when you only know one phrase about it. In Google it is already complicated, but sometimes it works. So that we don’t go to the search engine, Spotify is making this search easier with a new function. Both in the version for Android and iOS, users can search the application for a phrase or word and detect in the list which options which one is driving us crazy. A “Letter Match” tag will need to be enabled for Spotify to stop searching by title or author. My team just shipped something on iOS and Android -now you can find songs by lyrics 😉 on SpotifyGive it a try 😊 – Lina (@linafab) October 5, 2020 This novelty for Spotify users, in Actually, it is a very common function for Apple Music users. The apple music service has been searching by lyrics for several years. It’s fine for Spotify to include features from other services, even if it takes a while. This feature comes just after the music streaming and podcast platform included song lyrics mid-year with Musixmatch. It is surely also possible to find the songs thanks to these lyrics included in the collaboration. It is an opportunity for many clueless who never remember the exact title of a song or its artist. At Computer today we have tried to find the function, but it is not yet available worldwide, the deployment may take time to reach all mobiles.

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