Monday, April 12

Spotify personalizes its home page a little more

Spotify’s new Home Hub makes it easy to access your history and podcasts, and lets you discover new recommendations. As long as you are a Premium user.

Faced with increasingly stiff competition from other providers, Spotify is trying to differentiate itself by offering new innovations to improve the experience offered to its users.

The number one streaming service in the market is working on many new features, such as a new Hi-Fi mode, local MP3 playback and streaming on Apple Watch. The latest announcement is for a new, more personalized home page.

Spotify's new Home Hub // Source: Spotify

Features reserved for Premium users

The Home Hub new look from Spotify introduces three new features. The first allows you to consult your listening history over the last three months, with the playlists and albums from which the songs came.

Users will also benefit from direct access to podcasts from the home page. New episodes will be identified with a blue dot and a progress bar will appear below those you haven’t yet completed. Finally, Home Hub will offer recommendations of artists or songs that may appeal to them, in order to discover new titles directly from the home page.

Note that these new features will improve the experience, but only for premium users. Spotify does not intend to offer them on its free offer.

The platform has not communicated on the availability of the Home Hub, but it should soon be deployed on Android and iOS.

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