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Spotify now lets you stream your songs directly to Apple Watch

Spotify has added a long-awaited feature to its Apple Watch app. It is now possible to listen to music from your connected watch without the smartphone being nearby.

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The feature was long overdue, it is finally deployed. It is now possible for Apple Watch users to use the Spotify app even without the watch being connected to a smartphone.

Spotted by the site 9to5Mac, it allows users to listen to Spotify titles played directly from the watch. Everything is done in streaming, without the songs going through the Bluetooth connection of the smartphone.



Concretely, the functionality is aimed, for example, at people who would like to go for a run while listening to music without having to worry about their smartphone. The Spotify app on the watch thus asks users if they want to enjoy their music directly on the Apple smartwatch. The Apple Watch will then show as the device the music is playing on, although it is possible to switch to a smartphone or the web version of the service on the fly.

A function already integrated on Apple Music

With this new option, Spotify is at the level of Apple Music, which already offered users to enjoy their songs without being connected to their iPhone. As 9to5Mac reports, Pandora – a competing service available in the United States – also added this feature to its app a few months ago now.

Asked some time ago about the possibility of offering a similar feature on Wear OS watches, to record tracks locally, Spotify was initially reluctant, indicating that it was “Virtually impossible”. The Swedish music streaming service has since backed down and “Consider” now storing songs on its app for watches using Google’s wearable OS.

For the time being, the functionality is only deployed in small quantities and only in beta. It will therefore be necessary to wait some time before it can be used by all users.

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