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Spotify is considering increasing the price of its packages in France

According to a survey submitted to its subscribers and highlighted by iGeneration, the music streaming platform Spotify would be visibly inclined to increase the price of its packages.

The most popular music streaming service in the world, Spotify, could change the price list of its packages with French users. This is in any case what should be remembered from a survey submitted to its subscribers on the eponymous application (after verification, no member of the editorial staff managed to find it), as relayed by the media iGeneration.

Small increases under consideration

Today, Spotify subscriptions revolve around the following formulas:

  • Student: one account, 4.99 euros per month;
  • Personal: one account, 9.99 euros per month;
  • Duo Premium: two accounts, 12.99 euros per month;
  • Family: six accounts, 14.99 euros per month.


Subscribing to any of these plans gives you access to an ad-free experience, offline listening, and shared playlists. Potentially inclined to increase each of its offers, Spotify has therefore proposed new prices to its users: 10.99 euros for the Personal offer, 13.99 euros for the Duo Premium offer; 15.99, 17.99 or even 20.99 euros for the Family offer.

And the service to ask the following question:

If Spotify offered it to you, what would be the likelihood that you would use the chosen Spotify offer in the next 30 days?

Respondents are then faced with several choices of answers, which are: “Extremely probable”, “Very probable”, “Probable”, “Not very probable”. From there to saying that Spotify will increase its prices in the coming days, there is still a way to go. But it is clear that the Swedish firm seems seduced by the idea.

Depending on the responses of its community, the platform may or may not adjust the price list for its subscriptions. The Student package does not seem to be affected by this strategy in any case.

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