Friday, October 30

Spotify doesn’t want you to transfer your music files to other services

The music streaming service has asked SongShift, which allows the transfer of music libraries from one platform to another, to stop sharing music from Spotify to Deezer or Apple Music. But no problem doing it the other way around …

Spotify wants to keep you all for himself! The world’s number one music streaming site obviously doesn’t want to let users slip away from the competition, even temporarily. The service contacted SongShift to threaten to revoke access to its API. It must be said that the primary business of SongShift is to allow you to transfer your music from one service to another while keeping your music library. And that’s the rub…

Prevent transfer to Deezer and Apple Music

But if Spotify is attacking SongShift, it is only to prohibit it from transferring the playlists of its service to competitors like Apple Music or Deezer. This is what the teams of the application (available only on iOS) indicated in a blog post spotted by the site Wccftech.

The Spotify Dev Platform team contacted us to let us know that we need to remove the transfer of their service to a competing music service. Otherwise, our API access would be revoked for violating the terms of the contract.

Spotify has not reacted on the subject and it is not known whether this threat only affects SongShift or other similar transfer applications.

Data that belongs to users

The SongShift teams have said they respect the decision and will most likely implement it. This made users react quickly. On the platform Reddit, one of them quickly pointed out the irony of Spotify’s behavior in disrespecting its own privacy policy, in particular with the application of the GDPR.

Music playlists are therefore a form of data whose portability to competing services, without hindrance and at the request of customers, must be honored, the Internet user points out.

Right to data portability: the right to request a copy of your personal data in electronic format and the right to transmit such personal data for use in a third party service.

SongShift has therefore updated its application which no longer allows the transfer of music from Spotify to other services (but the reverse is still possible!). It is still possible to use the service to switch your library between Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, and many more. An ideal tip for keeping playlists created from one service to another.

Spotify for the opening… but among others

A rather paradoxical situation: Spotify has gone to war against Apple, which it accuses of anti-competitive behavior, of favoring its Apple Music offer on its devices, in particular by preventing the streaming of other services on its HomePod (but not much longer) or by promoting the competitor’s upcoming in the Apple One offering.

And to consolidate all these criticisms, Spotify even joined forces with Epic Games, after the turmoil around Fortnite, to create “Coalition for App Fairness” to fight back against the closed ecosystem of the apple brand. An attitude that goes a little against the policy developed at the time.



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