Tuesday, May 18

Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music Coming to the Opera Browser

For nearly 20 years, Opera has been trying to find a place in the sun. The Scandinavian free browser multiplies the innovations to achieve this. The latest: the integration of Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music into its product.

It is not the most popular browser at the moment, but we have to recognize in Opera the desire to do well and do a lot. Especially in times of telecommuting.

Less known than Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, Opera nevertheless has more than 380 million active users each month. Gamers who can benefit from a dedicated gaming browser (Opera GX), news enthusiasts with a customizable AI-powered newsreader (Opera News) and even financial enthusiasts have their apps in house.

The Scandinavian firm recently launched synchronization between browsers using a simple QR Code which makes it easier to transfer favorites and passwords, adding to its Android version the Flow function (creation of chat for s’ send links, images and files between devices) and visual presentation of recently downloaded files to send them more easily by email or messaging.

A tab dedicated to music

From now on, it is the well-being of everyone that Opera is working on. The browser is enhanced with quick access to the main music streaming platforms. The Player function will allow you to connect your Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music accounts directly in the sidebar of the browser, under the messaging section.

Everything will then be easier to listen to music while working, without having to manage a multitude of tabs or software. The Player has a mini control menu with easily accessible play / stop / forward / reverse functions. But it can also be managed from the keyboard, using standard buttons. It is possible to switch between the three services from the controls.

Work calmly without inconvenience

Like Twitter and Instagram integrated a little earlier this year, music platforms have a dedicated space on the side of the browser for faster access without disrupting navigation.

Because Opera has thought of the sound inconvenience if you arrive on a page with a video that is triggered. To avoid any cacophony, the Player stops as soon as a sound or a video is launched in a navigation tab. As soon as the sound is over or you have changed the page, your music resumes its rights.

If you are not interested in the music player, it can be disabled from Opera settings.

The Opera desktop browser is free and can be downloaded from opera.com. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux. A new Android version was also rolled out in September with easier synchronization between web and mobile browsers, as well as a free and unlimited built-in VPN, a crypto wallet.

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