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Spotify allows you to identify yourself with your Google account, but there is a catch

Spotify has added a new way to sign in to their account. In addition to the Spotify, Facebook and Apple accounts, it is now possible to log in using your Google account.

Spotify now allows you to connect with your Google account

Spotify now allows you to connect through your Google account // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Since the beginnings of the streaming music service, Spotify has allowed you to identify yourself through your Facebook account. A solution that makes it easy to find friends on the music platform, share playlists with them and see what they are listening to.

However, last March, the streaming service added another identifier service in addition to the traditional username / password and login via Facebook: that of Apple. On the Web version of the service, as on iOS, it then became possible to connect to your Spotify account using your choice of Facebook, Apple or Spotify username. However, on Android, users still had to necessarily use their Spotify or Facebook account.

Google ID available on Android and web version

Finally, since last week, Spotify has added an additional method of login, this time using the Google ID. This new method is available on Android smartphones and tablets, but also on the web version. The Windows version of the application, however, continues to use only Facebook and Spotify credentials.



Still, for years, Spotify users have identified themselves using native identifiers or those of Facebook. However, the streaming platform specifies that it is not possible to connect an existing account to Google. Current users must therefore keep their connection method and cannot replace it with that of Google. If they try to log in through Google with a Gmail address already registered – by Spotify or by Facebook – access will be refused: “Log in to Spotify using this email address and the password you set ».

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