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Specialist in refurbished smartphones, YesYes is stepping up its eco-responsible approach

Eager to encourage more responsible consumption, YesYes pushes its message even further. After reconditioned smartphones and packaged in an eco-responsible manner, the French reconditioning specialist is launching the first store of eco-designed accessories.

The new YesYes packaging in recyclable cardboard

The new YesYes packaging in recyclable cardboard // Gamesdone: Frandroid / Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS

YesYes wants to think eco-responsible from start to finish. Launched in 2018, the French smartphone reconditioning specialist – mainly Apple and Samsung – has refocused its thinking to respond more to societal demand, hoping to boost a market that is still stagnating.

The reconditioned, a market still a little unclear

« When we arrived, we thought that we were going to shake things up with our concept of connecting buyers and sellers who set prices, ” explains David Mignot, co-founder of YesYes and former executive at Sony Mobile. “But we screwed up completely. And there wasn’t the expected market boom as a bonus. It is still opaque and not sufficiently regulated. ” According to him, a third of customers are disappointed with the refurbished.

And this comes from the confusion between platforms such as Backmarket which embody the market, distributors who have their marketplace (Amazon, Fnac, Cdiscout, Veepee …), two players who resell models, and reconditioners (Certideal, SmAAArt, YesYes by example) subject to a few requirements which are also at the heart of their profession. ” We have our own factories in France (in Caen, editor’s note). We market products that have been verified by us with 40 control points and we ship to customers from France ourselves. This is not the case for platforms and distributors ”, recalls David Mignot.

Focus on 100% French and eco-responsible

But there is a demand for second hand products. Nearly one in two French people say they want to turn to more responsible consumption with the purchase of a second-hand product rather than a new device (Etude YouGov 2020). So YesYes intends to carry its message: an economical purchase, favoring the short circuit to have less impact on the environment, 100% French repackaging and eco-responsible products.

This concerns both the battery (less than 85% of its initial capacity, it is replaced) as well as the packaging and accessories supplied with the smartphone sold. « A guarantee of the quality of the accessories is a commitment we hold dear. There is no question of sending a customer a faulty original cable or an unsuitable charger », Adds Christophe Perrin, co-founder of YesYes. “This is why we provide quality accessories guaranteed for 10 years. They are compatible with Apple and we pay the license for them to be certified ”.

By opting for a smartphone refurbished by YesYes, we now find in the box, just as eco-responsible and optimized, a new braided cable and a charger (2.4 A) developed in partnership with Green_e, a startup specializing in eco-designed accessories. Everything is supplied in an organic bag, slipped into recyclable cardboard packaging from eco-managed forests, with glue and vegetable ink. “The process must be consistent from start to finish», We are told.

Think about the environment right down to the accessories

But making a gesture for the planet by opting for a second-hand smartphone and accompanying it with accessories not necessarily in the same philosophy did not necessarily go hand in hand, according to the YesYes teams. So, to go even further, the French company is launching the first store of eco-designed accessories.

The YesYes repackaging site launches its online store

The YesYes repackaging site launches its online store

There are thus biodegradable or 100% recyclable protective shells, leather shells made from recycled materials or products. Several brands have joined forces with YesYes for this (Atelier Gaston, Muvit, Pela Jaym…). The Rhinoshield brand, specialist in screen and smartphone protection, is also present.

Eco-responsible and also responsible, YesYes insists that the customer is at the heart of its permanent reflection.“We have a duty to ensure quality service, this is our promise, while thinking of the environment”,slips David Mignot. “We want to create a virtuous, sustainable and job-creating model, as close to customers as possible with after-sales service ”.

Atelier Gaston recycled leather shells

Atelier Gaston recycled leather shells // Gamesdone: YesYes

Because the firm’s desire to do well goes even further. While waiting to open physical stores that she dreams of, the company has made its Caen workshop a place of job creation and reintegration into its population. “We repeat that we are French and that we want to get as close as possible. This also involves eco-responsibility!“YesYes proclaims.

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