Monday, November 30

Sosh Extends Priceless Limited-Series Mobile Plan That Doubles After One Year

Sosh effectively extends its mobile plan without commitment in limited series until mid-November. This still offers 80 GB of 4G data in France and 10 GB in Europe / DOM for only 14.99 euros per month, ideal for those who had missed the boat.

After adding 20 GB for free to its most popular unlimited plan, for both new and old customers, the operator headed by Orange continues its outpouring of generosity by extending its non-binding limited series offer today. Obviously, it’s always priceless which doubles after a year.

In short

  • Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and Europe
  • With 80 GB in France and 10 GB in Europe / DOM
  • Orange infrastructure at a low price!

The Sosh mobile plan with 80 GB of 4G is available at 14.99 euros per month, even after one year. This offer is however only reserved for new customers until November 16, 2020 at 9 a.m.

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Choosing a Sosh package is above all the assurance of enjoying optimal speed thanks to Orange’s infrastructure, but through a non-binding offer at a low price. It is quite simply considered the number 1 mobile network in 2019 according to ARCEP.

That being said, this Sosh mobile plan offers unlimited calls and SMS in Metropolitan France, with 80 GB of 4G data to be used within France. It is a more than comfortable envelope to consume your favorite content in streaming and play many games online. Even connection sharing does not scare him.

From and to Europe and the French overseas departments, the same conditions apply to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to a French number. For Internet abroad, Sosh usually grants the same envelope as in France, but not for its limited editions. It still offers a dedicated envelope that amounts to 10 GB to meet the main needs during a trip (such as staying in contact with loved ones, surfing the Internet or opening Google Maps / Apple Map).

Finally, note that it is necessary to add 10 euros to the total of your order to obtain the new triple-cut SIM. The change of operator is done without interruption if you keep your number. It’s free and you just need to provide your line’s RIO code when registering!

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