Saturday, September 25

Sophisticated Android malware that masquerades as a system update


New Android malware masquerades as a critical system update. Once installed, it can take full control of the device and steal your data.

We continue to say it regularly, installing .APK files is a source of potential problems. You never know if the .APK file is from a safe source, it may have been injected with malicious code. Lately, an Android malware has been done outright to update the system.

Sophisticated malware

This is surprisingly sophisticated malware. It is installed via an infected application that is downloaded from an unknown source, i.e. from outside the Google Play Store. This infected application throws a notification which pretends to be a system update.

When you click on the notification, the malware will ask you to install this new application, which will then request full access to the device. Once the permissions are given, it is a real spy who will have access to our contacts, messages including WhatsApp messages, call history, audio recording, camera access, browsing history, your location and more. In short, they will have full access to the device to spy on you.

The good news is, if you’ve never downloaded any apps from an unknown source in .APK, there’s no need to worry. We recommend that you continue to follow our advice and check for updates to your device directly in settings.

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