Wednesday, December 1

soon a group sharing option


Google continues to work on Nearby Share, its AirDrop alternative, with the ability to share files with multiple people.

Nearby Share

For years, Android aficionados wanted to see the emergence of a simplified file sharing device. It must be said that if the beginnings of Apple’s AirDrop were a little chaotic, the company has greatly improved the device to communicate iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Nearby Share saw the light of day last year, first on smartphones in the Pixel range and then those from Samsung.

Shares to several recipients

According to 9to5Google, a new feature should soon make it possible to discover all the people around and to share files with several of them simultaneously. In the activation pane, a new option called Everyone should actually make an appearance.

However, this sharing option wouldn’t be really effective if there are other people around that you don’t necessarily want to share. For this reason, Nearby Share should also allow multiple selected people to pass files, media or links.

CSometimes these sendings would not be simultaneous, but successive, a bit like a list of pending operations.

For added security, and to avoid the massive deployment of malicious files, people should have been added as contacts and reception can only be active if the recipient’s device is turned on.

Nearby Share soon in Google Chrome

Recently, this proximity sharing tool has acquired a new feature allowing you to share a Play Store application without an Internet connection. The application installed on the smartphone will be completely transferred via Bluetooth.

For now, we have no indication of when these new features will appear. It is likely that Google will officially lift the veil on these for Android 12.

Note that Google is also integrating Nearby Share directly into its Google Chrome browser. The feature was briefly implemented within the advanced settings on the Windows version of the browser last July before being retired.


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