Saturday, September 25

Soon 3 minute clips? TikTok is testing longer videos


Longer videos could materialize on TikTok. The Chinese platform is currently testing clips of up to 3 minutes with a small number of users, compared to 60 seconds so far.


The TikTok application may soon offer a longer format for its videos // Gamesdone: Pixabay

Twitter dropped its old limit of 140 characters three years ago to tweet 280 characters, the thing had caused much ink to flow in 2017. Looking back, it was a good decision, however, which allowed the social network to take a new step. Today, TikTok is more or less faced with the same situation.

The Chinese platform ByteDance is currently testing a video format three times longer, for clips of 3 minutes maximum, against 60 seconds until now. For now, the thing is being tested with a small sample of testers, but it could soon be generalized to all users in the event of positive feedback.

Take the risk of upsetting a good balance?

It was consultant Matt Navarra who revealed TikTok’s plans on Twitter after receiving a notification that he was among the users eligible for the 3-minute videos to try out. Note that in its notification, TikTok does not talk about scaled-down testing, but rather “early access”. This suggests that a larger-scale deployment could already be in the pipeline, potentially for the start of 2021.

If the transition to videos of 3 minutes maximum materializes, TikTok nevertheless takes a risk: that of upsetting the good balance of duration found with the 60-second format. The latter is indeed much more practical and functional than the clips of 6 seconds maximum imposed by the late Vine… but also more addictive than the long videos that are most often found on YouTube. Enough to encourage users to watch many clips one after the other, resulting in more and more frequent interactions with the application.


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