Tuesday, April 13

Sony Wena 3 Smart Band, a digital strap to turn your old watch into electronic

Sony has wanted to distinguish itself from the conventional designs to which we are already accustomed to other electronic watches. Instead of digitizing the wait, they integrate a screen on the strap. Sony has been experimenting in the world of wearables for some time, although its models have not yet left Japan. Her Wena line is already on its third model, which breaks with everything that had been seen before. The company is betting this time on digitizing the watch strap. It is Sony Wena 3 Smart Band, a peculiar way of turning any analog sphere that we have into a digital watch from which to see the steps we have made or the pending notifications. The proposal has only been announced in Japan, but it attracts attention nonetheless. The straps can be of many versions, the classic metal or leather strap, except that it integrates sensors and a screen from which to view measurements and messages. Smart watches are a good substitute for the mobile when you perform tasks that prevent you from handling it. Let’s take a look at the best GPS watches, ideal for running and other physical activities. Instead of seeing the information on the dial as happens, for example, with the Apple Watch, we will have to turn the wrist to see the data on the back. The screen is elongated and in it we see some data in black and white, it is not indicated that it is a touch panel, but it is resistant to falls from 90 cm, in case we hit it when resting the arm on a table. It also supports 5ATM or 50 meters of water depth, a very common quality in sports watches. That is what it is about, that it is very similar to a watch, but on the strap. It includes an accelerometer, an optical heart rate sensor and VO2 Max (maximum oxygen consumption) to monitor daily physical activity, as well as rest at night. Respond to voice commands with Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, and allow mobile payments with NFC. From what is indicated on the Sony website in Japan and in the Gizmochina medium, this digital strap is quite complete. The battery lasts a little over a week. If you don’t have a dial to put on any of these bracelets, an old watch that you love, Sony offers a number of analog models to complete the device. Instead of offering different straps like other brands do, you can use different spheres depending on the day of the week. The Sony Wena 3 Smart Band in silver is priced at 35,000 yen, about 280 euros. It can also be purchased in leather, in brown and black, classic styles for a price of between 240 and 260 euros at the exchange. For those who want to use it in the pool or the sea, the most suitable would be to use the silicone strap, somewhat cheaper, about 190 euros.


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