Tuesday, October 19

Sony wants to open its own PlayStation Direct store in Europe


After a successful trial in the United States, Sony wants to open its PlayStation Direct store in Europe. A new way to order your PS5 in the future.

PlayStation logo on the PS5

PlayStation logo on the PS5 // Gamesdone: Frandroid – Arnaud GELINEAU

Before the launch of the PS5, you might remember this pre-registration system that Sony had set up exclusively in the United States before they could pre-order the console. It was actually a function of the PlayStation Direct store, which is simply a way for Sony to do business directly with the end customer, like an Apple Store or a Microsoft Store in the case of Xbox.

Although it is an online store, it is therefore not a store for digital goods, which remains the land of the PlayStation Store, but rather a competitor in the United States of the giants Amazon or Best Buy. The PlayStation Direct store should soon cross the Atlantic to arrive in Europe.

An explicit job offer

This information can be found in a job posting published by PlayStation Europe. The job offers are often too vague to be really interesting to be relayed, but here it is not. The job offer is for a director of PlayStation Direct Europe, the “B2C” activity (Business to consumer) de PlayStation.

The offer begins by indicating that the PlayStation Store and Services branch now represents 15% of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s turnover, and that to continue this impressive dynamic born with the PS4, Sony wants to extend its “direct to consumer” sales service. »With a launch in Europe. The person in this position will be responsible for the managers of each PlayStation Direct, which we imagine located by country.

For Sony, a direct sales store is an effective way to cut out intermediaries and therefore increase its profits for each PlayStation 5 sold by this means obviously, the console is not the only item for sale on this store, and Sony will be able to use it as a sales platform for accessories, and the future PlayStation VR 2.

A long-term plan

If Sony is looking for such an important position, it means that the site is not going to be launched overnight. The job offer mentions in particular a business plan over three years. Today the PlayStation 5 is out of stock worldwide, and the Sony console completely dominates sales against Microsoft’s Xbox Series according to the figures of the first weeks.

The firm therefore has all the time it wishes to develop this new sales site for Europeans.


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