Thursday, February 25

Sony starts talking about the new PlayStation VR

After some doubts about the brand’s investments in VR, Sony reassures by talking about its new virtual reality headset.

Sony’s recent statements regarding virtual reality were cause for some concern. Without turning its back completely, the brand recognized that it was no longer its priority, especially in the midst of the already complex launch of the PlayStation 5.

While waiting for a possible new next-gen headset, Sony still offers owners of the first headset to continue to use it on PS5, using a free adapter on request.

Today, the brand lifts the veil for the first time on the future of virtual reality at PlayStation.

Better headphones, but still wired

Sony announces that its next virtual reality system, a new headset, will arrive for the PS5 soon. The brand wants to improve all aspects of the experience with better display definition, a better field of view, and better controllers.

This new headset will always be wired, it’s a shame that the Oculus Quest 2 looks, but rather technologically understandable. Cable is still what allows for the best experience with the least amount of latency.

But that those who knew the first PS VR be reassured, the cable will be greatly simplified promises Sony. No more cables everywhere, the new headset will connect with a single cable to the PS5.

New DualSense sauce controllers

We could imagine by testing the DualSense for the first time, the controllers of this “PlayStation VR 2” will benefit from the new features of the PS5 controller. We think in particular of haptic vibrations, which increase immersion, but also of its adaptive triggers.

The PlayStation Moves were not very ergonomic

The PlayStation Moves were not very ergonomic

The first PlayStation VR recycled the PlayStation Moves from the PS3, and that clearly wasn’t ideal. We hope that the new controllers will be much more ergonomic.

A release in the years to come

With this announcement, Sony clearly wanted to reassure its fans and experienced VR developers about the future of PlayStation VR. The latter will also soon be able to receive the first development kits confirms Jim Ryan in the columns of GQ magazine.

However, we must not be in a hurry. The brand has already confirmed that the helmet will not be launched in 2021. Jim Ryan indicates that the characteristics of the helmet will be revealed this year.

This formulation may give hope for a launch in 2022, but that remains highly uncertain.

It remains to be hoped that the stocks of this new PlayStation VR will be more substantial than those of the PS5.

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