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Sony explains why your voice conversations can be recorded

Sparse audio recordings, submitted by players themselves, and listened to for moderation only on the PS5. This is what Sony promises after PS4 users wondered about an ambiguous message, displayed following the last update of their console.

Sony PS5

The PlayStation 5 will be able to record snippets of your conversations, but only for moderation purposes // Gamesdone: Sony

« LVoice chats during games can be recorded, and sent to us by players. By participating in the chat, you give your consent for your voice to be recorded “. This is the uninviting notification that PS4 players were surprised to see appear on their machine following its last update. The addition of this recording feature, designed for the PlayStation 5, was defended on October 16 by Sony in a PlayStation blog note published urgently. The group engages in an exercise in pedagogy and transparency.

You will be able to send voice exchanges to Sony that require moderation

« Some PS4 gamers unexpectedly realized a new feature was introduced when upgrading to v8 of the software. We haven’t communicated clearly enough about this new feature, or explained why we are implementing it, and we apologize. “, We read from Sony, whose words have been translated by our colleagues from Numerama.

If the notification displayed on some PlayStation 4 did mention that these recordings would not be ” used [qu’à] for moderation Sony wishes to clear up any misunderstanding. The PS5 ” will not listen to your conversations constantly “, Assures the group, adding that this will not happen in fact” never “, And that this function is above all introduced to preserve the” player safety ».

More specifically, this novelty will allow players above all to denounce, with supporting evidence, inappropriate comments made during online voice exchanges. Said feature should also allow Sony to better fight against harassment. ” If players need to make a harassment report, they can include a 40-second voice clip in their reports. “, Details the Japanese giant while specifying that these 40 seconds will be sent for analysis as follows:” 20 seconds of the main discussion between the player and the person, plus 10 additional seconds recorded before and after the conversation concerned ».

A feature reserved for the PlayStation 5

As Numerama reports, this 40-second snippet will also be limited to the last five minutes of the conversation. ” The recordings will then be sent to our Customer Experience center for the moderation part, which will decide after listening to them whether a sanction is deserved. “, Finally explains Sony.

This new feature will however be active by default on PlayStation 5 and cannot be deactivated, we learn. Reserved for the new Sony console, these recordings indirectly concern PlayStation 4 players, since they will be able to communicate vocally with PS5 users… hence the notification received.

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