Monday, April 12

Sony announces the closure of the PS Store on PS3, PSP and PS Vita

It’s official, some of Sony’s older consoles will soon no longer have access to PlayStation Store. What reminds us that digital access is only valid as long as the servers are accessible.

A page will turn this summer for players of certain Sony consoles. The PS3, PS Vita and PSP will soon no longer have access to PlayStation Store, their console’s dematerialized store. We explain all that this implies for those still using one of these three consoles.

What will no longer be possible to do

From July 2, 2021 for the PlayStation 3 and PSP and August 27 for the PlayStation Vita, the PlayStation Store will no longer be accessible on these consoles. This means that it will no longer be possible to purchase games from the online store or additional content.

In addition, it will no longer be possible to claim a gift code from one of these three consoles. If there are funds left in your PSN wallet, Sony explains that you can still use it on PS4 or PlayStation 5. And if you aren’t going to get one of those two gaming machines, it’s still possible to ask. reimbursement.

Access to old games kept

Despite this closure, it will still be possible to re-download games previously purchased or obtained through the PlayStation + subscription. Game codes will also remain valid, as will PS + codes. All content cross-buy purchased after that date on PS4 and PS5 and available on PS3, PS Vita or PSP will also be accessible.

If this applies to games, this policy also applies to the rest of the content available on the PlayStation Store (themes, wallpapers, etc.): if you have already purchased it, it remains accessible.

An opportunity to seize

If Sony reminds us here that dematerialized sales have its own limits (accessibility of servers), we can still find opportunities not to be missed on certain titles. Chloé Woitier, journalist at Le Figaro, recalls that some games are now difficult to find in box on these consoles, or at totally aberrant prices, while they can still be bought for a few euros on the PlayStation Store.

I am asked for examples of PSP / Vita games that are worth a fortune in physics, here are some:

— Chloé Woitier ☕ (@W_Chloe) March 29, 2021

Take this opportunity to do your shopping before this summer.

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