Saturday, September 25

Sony announces gorgeous red and black controllers


Sony lifts the veil on two new colors from DualSense. Here are the controllers of PlayStation 5 Cosmic Red and Midnight Black.

You were lucky enough to get a PlayStation 5 despite the shortage and are now looking for a new controller to strike your friends at FIFA parties or play Sackboy: A big Adventure as a duo? Do not rush immediately to the DualSense available in store, new colors are coming and you might like them.

Sony has just announced two new colors for the PS5 DualSense: Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. The first is red and black, while the second is black and black. Yes, you read that correctly, it is indeed two shades of black.

The controller itself, however, does not change apart from its colors. We find exactly the same shape and the same arrangement of the buttons. We will always regret in a sense the abandonment of the distinctive colors of the different symbols of the buttons, which provided an appreciable visual aid in the event of a handicap, but this is a choice of Sony for this generation and the original black and white DualSense. was already taking this path to sobriety.

Hopefully somewhere these new colors herald different PS5 models. Remember that a new model is expected for 2022, without major aesthetic change in terms of format, but it is not said that a black version is not in the pipes. This would avoid having to go through third party props to change the color of the console.

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The controllers of PS5 Cosmic Red and Midnight Black will be available from next month.


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