Friday, September 24

Sony admits mixed battery life on the DualSense controller


Were you not thrilled by the lifespan of the DualShock 4 controller? You may also rage against the DualSense of the PlayStation 5. Sony has announced that they both have almost identical autonomy. And the PS4 controller was not known for its autonomy.

This is the good surprise of the PS5. The DualSense controller has been Sony’s main argument in recent months and, once in hand, we understand why. The controller is pleasant to the touch and packed with innovations to make the game more immersive (haptic feedback different from the vibrations of the DualShock 4, adaptive triggers in particular).

In a blog post published Monday, Sony returned to its specifics and wanted to answer a number of questions that future buyers are asking.

A battery 50% higher in capacity

On the side of the points that will not reassure the players, there is the question of the autonomy of the controller. Sony claims that ” dUnder most conditions, the battery life should be similar to that of the DualShock 4“. The latter was not known for its long wear.

This time, however, the DualSense has a Li-Ion battery of 1560 mAh while the DualShock 4 had a capacity of 1000 mAh. A notable difference that foreshadowed an increase in autonomy.

Our first tests with the controller made us estimate its endurance at around ten hours if we do not use the adaptive triggers too much, which seem to weigh heavily on autonomy. A time that seemed to us to be longer than that of the autonomy of our usual DualShock 4.

For several years, Sony has chosen an integrated battery to be recharged via USB beforehand and now via a USB-C cable, with which you can also play. Xbox has always opted for replacement batteries that have the merit of gaming longevity for lack of practicality.


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