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Solar and electric, this three-wheeled vehicle would not need to be recharged


The American start-up Aptera has opened pre-orders for its astonishing three-wheeled electric and solar vehicle, named Paradigm. With an overflowing range of 1600 km, the latter would especially need no recharging session “for most drivers”, indicates the brand.


Driving an electric car that never needs to be recharged, a dream that the manufacturer Aptera wants to turn into reality. The young American shoot has indeed launched pre-orders for a vehicle as atypical as it is futuristic: Paradigm, and its premium version Paradigm +.

The idea for such a project dates back to 2006, when the company was founded, before a first prototype saw the light of day in 2008. Water has since flowed under the bridges, and the company is today ‘Hui visibly able to market a successful product whose production should begin in 2021, we learn in its press release.

Solar energy

This kind of vessel on wheels straight out of the future takes several specific technologies with it: a 100 kW battery which should ensure a gargantuan range of 1600 kilometers, announces the start-up, and solar panels capable of providing it with autonomy. daily 72 kilometers.


In the idea, this radius of action administered by the photovoltaic cells is largely sufficient for urban use. That’s why the manufacturer doesn’t hesitate to use strong words, arguing that its three-wheeled automobile does not need to be recharged by most users.

Aptera also highlights its very low drag coefficient. This coefficient indicates the resistance of a shape against a head wind: in other words, the aerodynamics of a vehicle. That of Paradigm reached 0.13 Cx, against 0.23 and 0.22 for a Tesla Model 3 and a Porsche Taycan, as our colleagues from Vroom (Numerama).

A swift car

Having a high level of sunshine will necessarily affect the vehicle’s ability to capture the maximum amount of solar energy. Not sure that the Eure department (27), which recorded the lowest rate in 2019 (1526 hours) is really suitable, on the contrary from Corse-du-Sud (2A), which benefited from 2,945 hours of sunshine last year.


In his Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Aptera distills a host of information about his car. The latter benefits in particular from light and resistant components, such as carbon and kevlar, and can accommodate up to two adults and an animal thanks to its 4.3 meters long, 2.2 meters wide and 1.44 meters high. high.

Able to shoot down from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds, Paradigm also reaches a top speed of 177 km / h. Several paid options are available at the time of pre-order: SafetyPilot (Level 2 autonomous driving for $ 1,300), Enhanced Audio (three additional speakers for $ 600), to name a few.

Between $ 26,000 and $ 45,000

At the time of this writing, Paradigm and Paradigm + models have all been reserved. But it is still possible to order your own with a customizable version: $ 25,900 for 402 km of range, $ 29,800 for 643 km of range, $ 34,600 for 965 km of range and $ 44,900 for 1600 km autonomy.

For an additional $ 2,500, it is possible to add all-wheel drive (four-wheel drive). Several interior and exterior colors are also available to the user. Restricted to the United States, pre-orders could open up to other markets if the company receives the approval of local authorities. The Paradigm is not currently approved as a car. In other words, there is still some way to go.

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