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software to entrust your photo editing to AI

The Luminar AI software, launched this Tuesday by Skylum, allows you to use several artificial intelligence algorithms to retouch your photos according to the different shots.

AI retouching in Luminar AI

AI retouching in Luminar AI // Gamesdone: Frandroid

On Tuesday, software publisher Skylum announced the launch of Luminar AI, a PC photo-editing tool that prides itself on delivering artificial intelligence-based editing suggestions.

When importing photos into your catalog, Luminar AI will actually analyze the image to understand what it represents, if it is for example a street photo, a landscape, a portrait, a photo of an animal or a sunset. Depending on this analysis, the software will then propose different retouching models. For a sunset photo, for example, you will have the choice between models ” Silver “, “Mythical film”, « Hyperdrive », « Impact » or “Tuscany” allowing you to switch the image to black and white, increase the warm colors or even add clouds in the sky. The effects may also be reduced if the filter is too heavy for your liking.

In some ways, Luminar AI is reminiscent of the Photoshop Camera app launched earlier this year by Adobe. If some effects are very sober, others, more experimental, make it possible to make the photo much more stylized, with effects of halos or lens flare. Among the retouching options related to artificial intelligence, Skylum has integrated options to retouch the sky, light or mist effects, body shape, faces or skin.

A software also allowing to develop RAW files

It is also possible to modify these filters manually. They are indeed based on different criteria of brightness, color, structure or detail, like what can be found on more traditional photo development software such as Photoshop Camera Raw or Lightroom. Note also that Luminar AI not only allows you to edit images in JPG format, but also to develop files in RAW format.

In addition to being a full-fledged software solution, Luminar AI also comes as a plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom. A good way to take advantage of the functions of retouching by artificial intelligence while remaining in a familiar environment for people more familiar with the Adobe suite. Note also that Adobe now also uses artificial intelligence within Photoshop, since the latest version of photo editing software can modify the sky, the orientation of a face or even the age of a topic simply using a few very accessible options.

Luminar AI is already available. The software is offered at a price of 79 euros for one station or 99 euros for two, without subscription. It is available on both Windows 10 and macOS.

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