Thursday, January 20

Smash Bros Ultimate DLC: every new character and when you can play them


Want more Smash Bros Ultimate DLC? We don’t blame you – Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the biggest, and possibly the best, Smash Bros fighting game to grace our Nintendo consoles. But if you’ve fought the main 74 Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters to exhaustion, don’t worry – there’s a number of add-in fighters beyond the base roster, from fan-favorites like Banjo-Kazooie and Persona 5’s Joker to even more Fire Emblem characters (for some reason).

There are four more characters yet to be unveiled for Fighters Pass Season 2, with ARMS’ Min-Min and a number of Minecraft characters kicking things off. Despite the spectre of possible delays to the Smash Bros Ultimate DLC pipeline, they seem to be arriving seasonally, or roughly every three months – meaning the next is likely to land in the new year.


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