Wednesday, January 27

SkyWall Auto, the vehicle that catches cannon drones

SkyWall continues to refine its drone interception system that is already in use at airports and official buildings. After the bazooka and the anti-drone cannon comes … SkyWall Auto. Cheap and versatile, drones have become a security threat in sensitive places such as prisons, nuclear or power plants, borders, airports, etc. If an unknown drone enters a security zone, it must be intercepted, and that is what SkyWall Auto takes care of, the world’s first vehicle to catch drones without human intervention. OpenWorks Engineering is a security company specialized in the manufacture of anti-drone technology for governments and protection companies. Its measures boast very low collateral costs, since no firearms or lasers are used or any other type of projectile that can be dangerous to fire in a place where there are civilians. SkyWall catches drones using a net. It is a very effective system because the net covers an area of ​​8 square meters, so it is easier to target. You can see how SkyWall Auto works in this video: At first OpenWorks Engineering started using a human operated bazooka, called the SkyWall 100. which is now called the Skywall Patrol. It has an auto-pointing system called SmartScope that calculates the speed and trajectory of the drone, indicating the exact moment in which the projectile must be fired. He perfected the system with SkyWall 300, a cannon capable of automatically aiming using artificial intelligence, thanks to the motion detection camera, and firing the cannon on its own. It can launch multiple projectiles in a row to catch multiple drones in just seconds. These devices are very effective, as you can see in this other video, but they have a limitation: they are static interception systems, or slow to deploy. The third generation is called SkyWall Auto, which basically consists of mounting the SkyWall 300 cannon on the back of a pickup. The advantage of this system is that the truck can reach the sighting site quickly, while the gun takes care of the rest. To avoid alerting potential intruders or spies, the cannon is concealed in a cockpit that folds out when it has to fire. SkyWall technology has already been acquired by various armies and security forces from different countries.

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