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sharing photos and videos is much easier

Nintendo isn’t launching a new Switch console this year, but that doesn’t stop the manufacturer from having some great ideas for improving their console. Version 11 of the system brings its share of great new features.

Our modern consoles are now equipped with full-fledged operating systems that receive regular updates. Most of the time, this is mostly to fix security holes or improve the performance of the device, but sometimes it is to add features that are in high demand. This is the case with the Nintendo Switch system update 11.0, available since November 30 on the manufacturer’s two consoles.

Transfer of photos / videos by USB or smartphone

The great novelty of this update is easier management of screenshots or video clips that can be saved with the share button on the left joy-con. Until now, you had to either go through a transfer to a microSD card installed in the console, or share your clips directly on Twitter with the integrated application.

Now, like what Microsoft offers with the Xbox, it is possible to quickly transfer captures to a smartphone or tablet. The process is not automatic, but it has the merit of simplicity. It is possible to transfer up to 10 screenshots and one video capture at a time from the Console’s Album application. Once the content has been selected, a QR Code will be displayed on the console screen and you just have to scan it with your smartphone or tablet to follow the transfer procedure.

Too bad all of this cannot be automated to quickly save your video clips, but it at least allows you to occasionally use all the sharing solutions offered on a smartphone and which are not integrated into the Switch. We think in particular of a sharing on Slack or Discord, or a transfer to Google Drive or OneDrive.

Nintendo Switch becomes a USB device

Since its launch, the Nintendo Switch has been recharged using a USB-C port, a connection that we now know well on PC and elsewhere, and which has the merit of being a standard. With update 11.0, Nintendo finally allows its console to connect to peripherals through this USB connection. More precisely, if your USB cable manages charging and data transfer, it will be possible to copy photos and video clips directly by cable with a PC.

Once the console is connected by cable, you can find the function in the console settings, in the “data management” and “manage screenshots and videos” section.

New for Nintendo Online and avatars

If the bulk of the news concerns new methods to transfer and share photos, Nintendo is also taking the opportunity to improve other parts of the system. A Nintendo Online app has been added to the Home screen on the bottom row. It allows you to find all the information relating to the services, and in particular the list of available NES and Super NES games. We imagine that this is to better prepare new benefits for subscribers to Nintendo’s online service, with perhaps more old games offered.

Nintendo took the opportunity to also add 12 new avatars to celebrate the 35 years of Super Mario Bros. Finally, it is now possible to choose which download to perform as a priority when there are more downloads in progress on the console. Convenient to get back to your current game as quickly as possible.

The update should be offered automatically when the console is turned on. If not, it can be found in the system settings, under “console”.

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