Saturday, February 27

share your applications without an internet connection thanks to Nearby Sharing

Google’s proximity sharing service, similar to AirDrop, now makes it possible to share applications between users without an Internet connection.

We mentioned in December the upcoming arrival of a feature to send and receive apps from the Play Store using Nearby Sharing, Google’s proximity sharing service on Android. It is now done.

Integrated into the Play Store

In addition to being able to exchange files, photos and videos, it is now possible to share applications directly from the Play Store without an Internet connection. In fact, a new “Share” tab is now available in the “My games and applications” section of the Play Store, allowing you to send and receive applications.

Sharing without Internet connection

The main advantage of this novelty is to be able to do without an internet connection. It is thus possible to send applications previously installed on a device, without having to download an APK file manually.

To be able to exchange applications, the two users must go to the dedicated page of the Play Store and activate access to geolocation, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Once these conditions are met, the exchange is done with a single click.

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