Sunday, February 28

Shadow kicked out of the app store again

Apple has removed Shadow from its App Store for the second photos. It is no longer possible to download the application on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

Shadow sur iPhone

The Shadow application is back in the Apple App Store // Gamesdone: Frandroid

An update that does not please. The latest version of the Shadow * app has been terminated by Apple. Consequence: it is no longer possible to download the cloud computing app on its Apple devices.

While reviewing the latest update to our app, the Apple team rejected and removed the Shadow iOS, iPadOS and tvOS apps from the App Store (…) We are currently in discussion with the team Apple to better understand and restore apps to the App Store as soon as possible.

Apple has simply removed the application from its stores once again, Shadow announces on his forum. If you don’t have the app to access a cloud computer, you can no longer access it from an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

A second remonstrance from Apple

This is not the first time that Apple has removed Shadow from its App Store. In the spring of 2020, access was also cut, because the service allowed access to cloud gaming and Apple was then engaged in a battle with Xbox and its xCloud project or even Google Stadia. The Cupertino company required cloud gaming services to create on the App Store one listing per game offered.

After two months of negotiations, Shadow was then able to return to the App Store. The new update seems to have posed a problem without the French firm explaining the reasons for this ban.

If you own the app, you can still use it on your devices, along with all the features that go with it. On the other hand, no update can be done for the moment and “the experience can therefore deteriorate over time», Explains the company. Note that the macOS application is not affected by the problem and works normally.

* Ulrich Rozier, co-founder of Humanoid, the publisher of Frandroid, is a minority investor in Shadow. The editorial staff’s opinion remains neutral and is not influenced, however.

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