Tuesday, May 18

SFR launches a connected speaker with Alexa created alongside Devialet

The operator SFR has lifted the veil on a new connected speaker soberly called SFR HomeSound. Available in two versions, this audio device was designed in partnership with the French expert Devialet, then developed by Sagemcom.

SFR HomeSound

SFR’s connected speaker will have the right to one of two versions // Gamesdone: SFR

« The launch of SFR HomeSound speakers embedding Devialet’s acoustic expertise once again demonstrates our desire to offer our customers the best possible experience and by making it accessible to as many people as possible.»: These are the few words to remember from Grégory Rabuel, Managing Director of SFR, in the context of the launch of the new SFR HomeSound connected speaker.

More specifically, what does this product have in store for us? The French company relies on the expertise and know-how of the Devialet specialist to highlight the strengths of its product. The latter includes for example “three Devialet proprietary acoustic technologies for better sound reproduction, greater immersion, and listening comfort, as well as predefined soundscapes», We can read.

Classic and Premium

All the qualities presented by the operator look very good on paper. But the SFR HomeSound will have to pass through the hands of different testers to get to the bottom of it. Developed by Sagemcom, the connected speaker is also available in two distinct versions: the classic and the Premium, which have three and five multidirectional speakers, respectively, the press release indicates.

This duo also supports two voice assistants, that of SFR and that of Amazon (Alexa) in this case, to offer several voice commands to the user. This will for example be able to manage the volume, Bluetooth, audio sources and soundscapes, but also to turn on or off the light of SFR Home products with the words “OK SFR».

On purchase or on lease

Asking for the weather forecast, today’s news or the date of a football match is also possible with Alexa, to use the examples cited by the group. By associating his speaker connected to the SFR Box 8 TV, the customer will finally have the opportunity to display the program, to pause, to change the channel or to search for a film in VOD, all thanks to his voice.

For the occasion, SFR has decided to set up a non-binding rental offer: the classic HomeSound is therefore sold out at the price of 5 euros per month, or 169 euros for purchase, when the HomeSound Premium is available at 10 euros per month, or 349 euros on purchase. A HomeSound Stereo combo is also exchanged for 10 euros per month, or 338 euros on purchase. Please note, an SFR internet offer is necessary to take advantage of it.

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