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services, accessories, advantages … The little details to know before playing


Available from November 10, the Xbox Series X and Series S are starting to arrive in gamers. Xbox France has agreed to respond to Frandroid readers on the new consoles. Packaging, accessories, virtual reality and the benefits of playing on the next generation: here are the answers to your questions.

La Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

To support the release of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, Xbox France has answered the questions of Frandroid readers collected on our Twitter account. Marc Issaly, marketing manager of the gaming branch, discusses the technical issues surrounding the new consoles.

We also forwarded your questions to Ina Golbert, boss of Xbox France. You will find his answers from Sunday, November 15 on our site.

Accessories and packaging for all

Where did the idea for the Xbox Series S / X packaging that looks a bit like a box come from?

Marc Issaly: Above all, it has been designed to be the most accessible to all players, able-bodied and disabled, so that they can all easily open it. This is what guided the design, like that of the adaptive controller. We had to be able to open it like a box, with the stickers to pull for some parts, and not by removing a sheath where you need ten fingers. There everything can be removed with one hand, without the need to tear anything. It is both very accessible and very aesthetic.

Are we going to have other compatible PC accessories on the Xbox, in particular the Hotas joysticks?

100% of compatible accessories on the Xbox One are on the Xbox Series X, Xbox accessories like other brands such as Nacon or Thrustmaster. But there are specificities according to the manufacturers. We want the Xbox ecosystem to be as open as possible. Do not hesitate to send us back the materials that could be compatible or not.

What about the best support for racing wheels?

I know a lot of gamers used Xbox 360 steering wheels on the Xbox One, with similar connections, but features that weren’t all available. It may be the same with the Xbox Series X. But for recent wheels, we have tested and have not seen any backward compatibility issues.

Can we use the Kinect sensor?

Just like the previous generation, the sensor is compatible with Kinect games via backward compatibility, except that a special adapter is required. The use of the Kinect sensor today is quite limited, since there has not been a new game for a long time. Microsoft no longer provides the adapter, but it can be found on marketplaces.

Services and play

Can we play and participate in a voice group between Xbox One gamers and the next generation?

Yes, I tested. It is 100% compatible. I was just getting to the lobby a little faster.

Is account sharing still possible?

Absolutely. It is always possible. You can share an account in the same household and play the same games.

Is it an advantage to play on Xbox Series X over Xbox One?

For all multiplayer games like Apex, Call of Duty… Which require cross-platform within the Xbox ecosystem, everyone has the same framerate to be on an equal footing. Xbox Series X gamers are just going to have more responsiveness in the menus and better looking graphics. But that will not make more Top 1. If there is a slight advantage, it is on the input lag, because we made a lot of effort to improve the feedback between the controller and the console. We may have gleaned a few thousandths of a second on the competition which can make the difference. The new controllers are more responsive. It was important to have the lowest possible latency for cloud gaming and be able to play on a smartphone.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller

The new Xbox Wireless Controller // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

The Xbox Series X is powerful. Can we imagine virtual reality one day on it with compatible headsets?

Currently, we have nothing to add on the console. The previous generation with the One X was already very powerful, but virtual reality is not a turn that we have taken. We have no doubts that it is capable of doing so since it is the most powerful console. We already have so many battles to fight, that of the choice to play everywhere, xCloud, etc. For the moment, this is not the one we decided to lead. We don’t know what the future will hold. Today, we decided to put the player at the heart of the equation and no longer the hardware.

The HDMI input jack has disappeared. Is there another way to connect a TV box to the Series X?

Unfortunately no. We have evolved from the ecosystem of the Xbox One where the console was imagined as a Home Center, an entertainment box for the whole family that required an HDMI IN socket. We did not keep it so as not to encumber ourselves with the superfluous. There are all the necessary entertainment apps, but first and foremost it is a games console.

The Xbox One X has an HDMI input and an output port

The Xbox One X has an HDMI input and an output port // Gamesdone: Frandroid / MDS


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